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With Citizen Open Services, create citizen participation strategies that facilitate your work in relation to citizens, all through our platform based on Consul and our services.

Give visibility of your results to citizens

Through Citizen Open Services you can keep the citizen informed and participating.

Facilitate the management of citizen initiatives

Citizen Open Services is so versatile that it has allowed several cities around the world to implement hundreds of types of initiatives.

Avoid unnecessary workouts

There is no need to form a new team to operate the platform.

There are budget restrictions

Citizen Open Services does not represent excessive costs and can be flexible according to needs

Licensing can be expensive

Citizen Open Services is a SaaS model service that simplifies your hiring.

Increasing the team to manage initiatives can be a problem

By hiring Citizen I have results and control over the information.

How does Citizen Open Services work?

Sign up

It is very simple, you can also do it through your social networks.

Create a proposal

Once a proposal is presented, the rest of the people can support it. The institution has a moderation system to avoid, for example, that there is offensive content, spam, etc.

Participate in discussions

It allows unlimited discussions and comments. Comments are nested for better reading.

Some features

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